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Cristina Rodriguez

About Silver Lining Dementia Education


Cristina Rodriguez, founder of Silver Lining Dementia Education and Consulting, Silver Lining, for short. Since 2014, our mission has been to help and empower our clients, to increase their knowledge and understanding of dementia. Helping our clients through their most challenging obstacles, whether it be a parent or family member receiving a diagnosis of dementia, or a community leader wanting to make their area and surroundings more dementia-friendly. My extensive experience, of over 20 years means that I'm fully equipped to guide, support, and assist you. 

As a Certified Dementia Consultant, my goal is to create and help foster relationships with professional/health care providers, caregivers, and those living with dementia, through quality educational and practical dementia awareness. Contact Cristina today to learn how you can help reduce the stigma surrounding dementia. 

Tami Kolbinger joined Silver Lining in 2018 and has brought over 15 years of experience with her. Tami had a personal connection to dementia, which lead her to change her career path. Through many years of personal and professional experiences, she has developed a true passion to help those living with dementia, and provide quality education to families, and community members. Tami is a Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer.  Tami is the president of the board for Becker Area Senior Center and is involved with many non-profit organizations that specialize in increasing dementia awareness. Contact Tami today to learn how you can help reduce the stigma surrounding dementia.




FUN FACT:  Take a look at our Logo. It's pretty cool. Our logo was originally hand-drawn by Cristina. She wanted a logo that helped to signify how unique dementia is for each person.   We like to think of dementia, as a thumbprint disease. Meaning that just as each one of us has a thumbprint, they are all uniquely different. Dementia is similar, in the way it affects the brain, which is all similar, but they house our lives, or strengths, our weaknesses, our joys, and our fears, so they are all uniquely different. Just as each person who is diagnosed with dementia, will have a different journey.

Silver Lining Dementia Education and Consulting
Tami Kolbinger