Silver Lining offers non-care in-home companion visits. These visits are a wonderful way to keep individuals in mid-to-late stage dementia engaged. We offer 1 to 4-hour visits, accompanied with our signature brain bag full of activities and conversation starters. Our fully trained staff provide one-on-one social engagement.


​Silver Lining offers in-person companion socialization visits:

  • Non-care in-home companion visits keep individuals in mid- late-stage dementia engaged. Offering 1-4 hour visits, accompanied with our signature brain bag full of activities and conversation starters, fully trained staff provide 1:1 social engagement.

  • A great option for full-time caregivers, to step away for an hour or so, do self-care, or run errands, or just take a break. 1:1 in facility (assisted living, memory care, or long-term care.) visits are a fun way to send a smile and hello to a friend or loved one.

  • Providing psychosocial needs to those living with dementia (staying connected, touch, belonging) helps to reduce the risk for isolation, depression, anxiety, and death.

  • By providing a service to help promote the psychosocial health of our clients, we are deemed, essential caregivers.

Space is limited and our schedules can fill up quickly for this popular service, so contact us today!

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  • Socialization is a vital part of our human existence.

  • More than half of adults 50 and older reported social isolation — defined as an absence of meaningful social relationships — during the pandemic. AARP 10/2020

  • Decades of research on prolonged social isolation and loneliness … [shows that it is] worse for health than obesity and as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day."

We provide only the highest quality dementia education. Our dementia educators are certified and fully trained, with more than 30 years of clinical experience. We are proud to be your local dementia experts.



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