• Cristina R.

#1 Remember to take it one day at at time. Tomorrow is a whole new day!

Sometimes the sayings, count your blessings, or start your day with a grateful heart, even put your best foot forward, can somehow sound cliché, when you are a caregiver.

Being a caregiver is very often a challenging task. But it is important to try not to allow it to over whelm you.

Our Dementia Caregiver tip today is- Take it one day at a time. Tomorrow is a whole new day.- When you hear that what comes to your mind? We'd like it to encourage you to live in the moment, enjoy the moment you are in. If the moments in your life now are hectic, know that they will pass. If you feel that you have moments of failure as a caregiver, (which, as caregivers we have all felt sad, defeated or like we are failing) know that today is just one day, this moment is just one moment, tomorrow is a new day, full of new moments.

So today, count your blessings daily, name three, acknowledge them, write them down. Today these are your blessings. Now that you know your three blessings for the day, you can start your day with a grateful heart. One of the things I am always grateful for is grace. It is my opinion that grace allows all my imperfections, but still offers me chances to do better. In conclusion, when we have counted our blessings, have a grateful heart, and have put our best foot forward, we can still stumble and fall through out this journey as a caregiver. That is okay, take it one day at a time, and tomorrow is a whole new day.

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